Hosted PBX is better, simpler, more affordable business phone system

For business company, telephone is very important factor to the operational. But there is one big problem installing traditional business phone system. This closet full of equipment you need to rent, install and maintain.

With Vocalocity hosted PBX, do not need this equipment. And you get a phone system that has advanced, reliable, flexible, simple, efficient and ready to go in 15 minutes.

* You do not need equipment, we welcome you all for off-site.
* You work with a company instead of two or three.
* You pay a fixed price per user, regardless of the time on the phone.
* Can be applied with Vocalocity Hosted PBX in minutes.
* No contracts to sign. Stay with us because he wants to, not because they have to.
* Most companies save 50-85% on the cost of traditional phone.

How Vocalocity Hosted PBX work?

Vocalocity Hosted PBX phone service is a complete business. VoIP technology is used in other words, your phone service is available online. They maintain the equipment. They received the software. They updates for you. Just use the phone as you would normally.

For customers it is business as usual. Whether you are talking to his office, leaving a voice message to be transferred across the country, or talk to someone who works at home, everything happens smoothly. Whether you have an office or a hundred.

Why Vocalocity for Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX phone system does it better. And Vocalocity makes phone system management easier. At Vocalocity, they have their own technology instead of rent, as most companies do. This means they can react quickly and provide a constant update of their services. They are real people there. they are not talking about techno-speak, and they know how to get your issues resolved quickly. Do not nickel and broke you. The price they quote is what you pay. They want you to be their customer for life, so they treat you like you’re someone special. don’t ship our customer service offshore. When you need help, talk to their highly qualified staff who work there at their office.